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Welcome to SheldoNet FootBall

Sheldonet is an online store selling football figurines such as Soccerstarz, Kodoto, Prostars, Microstars brands and Official Liverpool Merchandises.

Sheldonet are also selling others football merchandises and as well Basketball figurines internationally or world wide. There are over hundreds of figurines and merchandises in our website to choose from. They are new conditions and in blister packs, Team packs, Sachets packs and window boxes.

So, go into our website right away and select the figurines or merchandises and put into your cart !!!

Site Map

  • 1. Soccerstarz
  • 2. ZCWO
  • 3. BuBuzz
  • 4. Liverpool
  • Kodoto
  • Microstars
  • Prostars
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